Veggie Burgers

1½ cup cooked lentils (black lentil preferred)
4 large cloves of minced garlic
1 cup diced yellow onions
1 cup finely diced red peppers
12 minced sun-dried tomatoes (previously soaked in water)
1 tsp paprika
½ tsp cumin
¼ tsp chipotle or cayenne pepper
1 cup cooked brown rice
2 tsp miso paste (omit when on detox)


Patties Directions
Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Form into patties and refrigerate, covered, for at least 30 minutes. To finish, cook in a nonstick pan with coconut or grapeseed oil, 4–5 minutes each side or until browned. Serving Suggestion: Wrap in lettuce leaves and serve with sweet potato fries.