Summer Countdown! 4 Things to Do Every Day to Get Ready for the Summer


‘Don’t Skip Leg Day!’ has achieved the level of internet meme. Even if you’re not a gym junkie or bodybuilder, exercising every muscle group is solid advice. Ramping up your exercise routine to unlock your bikini-​‐best bod?

Then build squats, lunges, step-​‐ups, or deadlifts into your program.

  • Your gluteus maximus (your butt) is the largest muscle in your body. Working big muscles requires bigenergy, this means that your burning extra calories.
  • Leg strength supports your cardio/running activity as strong legs help prevent injury.


Summer is a magical time. The warm weather breathes fresh life into cities, parks, beaches. The world feels vibrant and full of possibility. Summer comes with a sense of ‘now Anything is possible!’.

With this excitement, there may linger a weight of expectation: to make the most the most of your time, and to seize the summer days while they last. To manage this pressure, it’s very important to set aside time for yourself to care for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

The second daily habit is to sit or lie down for 15 minutes each day in quiet mindfulness and reflection. Meditation as a practice has become globally important, from corporate offices to public schools, we are recognizing the immense value in putting aside our devices, taking our eyes off our laptops, and turning full attention to our own bodies and minds.

Here’s a couple tips for this meditative practice:

  • Allow thoughts to linger in your mind. Don’t feel the need to immediately expel and ‘clear’ your active mind. Let the thought wash over you, observe it, and then let it flow away.
  • Find a quiet and comfortable space. For the expert monks a hard ground and an erect cross-​‐legged sitting position might be great. For your daily practice, find any comfortable and calming space. It could be your couch, your bed, or your favorite bean bag chair. If you fall asleep, then no worries! Just set an alarm so you don’t miss any appointments.


Apply facial sunscreen or facial moisturizer with SPF every morning.
While we often consider a golden tan to be a summer goal, sun exposure is the number one cause of skin aging. Get in the habit of using SPF product every morning to prevent premature aging from UVA/UVB damage. There is now a wealth options for all skin types, from all-​‐natural mineral based moisturizers to ultra-​‐light, antioxidant packed lotions.

So get your sunscreen on and then head out for a dose of Vitamin D!


If you’ve got mindfulness, diet, and skin care on lock, but find that cellulite or skin imperfections are keeping you from fully enjoying bikini season, explore The iBody’s Venus Freeze RF Cellulite Remodelling. Dr. Tostado has been treating cellulite successfully for over a decade. A consultation with Dr. Tostado can help identify solutions to your skin concerns, with non-​‐invasive treatments that will bring you an all-​‐ new confidence in your bikini bod.

With age-​‐defying skin protection, body-​‐toning leg exercises, and mood-​‐boosting meditation in your daily routine, you’ll be ready for a happy and healthy summer.