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Omnivore Protein Vanilla


iBody Organic Omnivore Protein is an easily digestible, protein-dense supplement that provides the essential protein benefits of both organic-sourced whey and plant-based proteins. Synergistically combined with key ingredients, our formula helps burn fat and promote lean muscle.

Whey Protein Powder with Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes and Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin


Green Coffee Bean Extract: promotes weight loss, fat burning and lean muscle, increases
metabolism and energy

Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin: promotes stable blood sugar levels throughout the day to prevent unwanted fat storage

Probiotics: promote a good digestive system and overall health



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    Doctor-formulated to help replenish nutritional deficiencies that today’s foods are lacking, this great-tasting, unique blend of superfoods promotes healing and balance, increased vitality, and helps nourish your body back to health with a regimen that is easy to maintain in our busy lives.

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    Additional information

    Weight 16.93480 kg
    Dimensions 10.16 × 10.16 × 17.78 cm

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