What Can I Eat? | iBody Detox Clinic

What Can I Eat?

Days 1-10 is a vegan diet. That means mostly fruits and vegetables; no animal protein. This allows your liver to rest and focus on detoxification. On day 11, you may add certain animal proteins back in.


All fruits allowed, but eat twice as many vegetables as fruits; Avoid canned or dried fruit, high-sugar or artificial berry juices, oranges/grapefruits (if allergic)


Purified water, 100% vegetable juices, organic herbal tea, green tea; Avoid caffeine, coffee, black tea, alcohol, high-sugar fruit juice


None. Use a non-dairy milk substitute like unsweetened coconut, rice, or hemp seed milk; Avoid all dairy products like milk, cream, and yogurt


Unlimited amounts of fresh vegetables. Limit starchy vegetables (yams, potatoes) to ½ serving per day; Avoid corn, canned vegetables, soybean and soy-based foods

Grains and Similar

Limit to 1 cup combined total per day: lentils, beans (garbanzo, fava, black, mung, black-eyed), rice (brown, wild, black or red), quinoa, amaranth, millet; Avoid refined flour, and grains with gluten—wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, barley


Extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil; Avoid cooking sprays, hydrogenated oils, mayonnaise

Animal Protein (starting day 11)

Fish (wild-caught, not farm raised), chicken (organic, range free, hormone free, antibiotic free), red meat, and game allowed 1-2 times per week after day 11; Avoid non-organic meats and pork

Nuts and Seeds

Half cup raw almonds (starting day 11), sesame seeds; Avoid other nuts/seeds, especially peanuts and soy nuts

Spices and Sauces

Fresh herbs and spices; Avoid artificial seasonings, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, ketchup

What To Avoid

Throughout the cleanse, avoid: alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, dairy, refined sugars, breads and snacks, fried foods, artificial foods, colors and preservatives.