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Detox Basics

Weight Loss Principles

  • The Skinny

    The Skinny on Fat

    Excess fat is a symptom of an unhealthy system in our body and a sign that hormones are out of balance. A defense mechanism against bodily stressors like toxins and excessive cortisol, fat envelopes toxins to protect us from their harmful effects. Eating foods processed with pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics places stressors in our bodies that create hormonal imbalances and ultimately increase fat production. Accumulated toxins in our bodies produce more fat, which is difficult to lose.

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Is Not the Goal

    Appetite suppressants, prepackaged foods, and portion-controlled products may allow you to temporarily lose weight, but until the root cause of its production is addressed, the fat and increased weight it has caused will remain. Liver cleansing eliminates the need for fat production, transforming the body’s function from fat storing to fat burning. You will find that when the toxins are released, the pounds shed naturally.

  • Clean Is Lean

    A Clean Body is a Lean Body

    We believe that you have to be healthy before you can effectively lose weight. Weight loss does not always equate to fat loss. Weight loss programs and diets promise immediate weight loss by simply starving the body or removing excess retained water, which can do more harm than good. Starving the body by limiting food intake can cause muscle loss and repetitive yoyo dieting, decreased metabolism, system imbalances, and severe frustration.

    A balanced healthy lifestyle is the only effective way to keep the weight off and end this ongoing struggle. Doing a detox program like our Clean Transformation will help form healthy habits to maintain a healthy weight.


Signs that your body needs detoxification

Low Energy  /  Food Cravings  /  Low Libido  /  Mood Swings  /  Skin Disorders  /  Pms  /  Weight Gain  /  Fatigue  /  Allergies  /  Digestion Problems  /  Muscle  / Joint Pains  /  Elevated Cholesterol  /  Difficulty Sleeping  /  Reduced Mental Clarity  /  Frequent Colds  /  Flu

Detoxification Is the Key to Losing Fat

Detoxification vs. Diets

An overburdened liver innately produces body fat to store toxins that it cannot effectively eliminate in order protect the body from its harmful effects. Dieting alone does not address the issue of toxins and its effect on fat production. By detoxifying, you can safely and naturally reach your optimal weight and appearance by avoiding rebound weight gain.